Uber locks in fares if you schedule rides far enough ahead of time


Sometimes people like that little extra peace of mind in knowing how much they’ll be paying for something ahead of time. While has long given users the ability to see the estimated cost of a fare before they commit to a ride, there was nothing to actually lock that pricing in. With so many things affecting the end cost of a ride (like time spent in traffic) it was hard to give users anything but an estimate. Even if Uber’s estimates nail it most of the time.

Starting today, Uber is giving users more incentive to schedule their rides ahead of time by locking in the cost of said rides when made up to an hour in advance. Once a ride has been scheduled inside the app, a popup window will confirm the ride has been scheduled along with the total fare — no surprises when the ride ends.

Previously, the price of scheduled rides could vary greatly, especially if surge pricing hit during the time of your scheduled pickup. This takes the stress out of planning ahead and prevents any surprise fare increases. The feature is available everywhere in the US where Uber already operates.

To get started, just open the app, and right beside “Where to?” is a car icon with a clock behind. Tap it and confirm your pickup location/destination, and your upfront fare will be displayed.

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