This is our first official look at the Pixel 2 XL


We’re just a few weeks away from the official Pixel 2 event, but it seems that we’re getting an official look at the Pixel 2 XL, as someone let the cat out of the bag. Thanks to some well-placed ads, the Pixel 2 XL will be coming in two different colors, with the Black & White version, and another variant named “Just Black”.

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The Pixel 2 XL will also be arriving in either 64GB or 128GB and pricing will start at $849 for the smaller storage model. The 128GB variant will be priced at $949, lining up with the likes of the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8.

As for the design, this matches up with the various renders and leaks that we have seen previously, with the black glass housing many antennas and the camera, while also being shortened compared to the predecessor. Instead, the fingerprint sensor is now placed outside of the glass housing, with the single “G” logo placed near the bottom of the device.

One strange addition to the “Black & White” model is what appears to be an orange button on the left side of the device. It would be an odd addition to the black and white device if the button actually turns out to be orange. This would be made even odder if you look at the “Just Black” model and notice that the power button is unchanged.

This might just be the way this specific photo turned out, but we’ll have to wait until October 4th to learn more. Or, ya know, hang tight until more information “becomes available”.

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Let us know what you think about this latest leak and if you’ll be looking to snag one once the announcement is made.

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