Sep 5th, 2017

It wasn’t long ago Samsung confirmed the news that they’d be making a Bixby speaker, but we didn’t get an inkling of detail at that moment. Today’s helping isn’t quite belly-filling either, but it’s something.

We now know that Samsung will look to Harman, who has been on a tear with a variety of smart speakers featuring all of the industry’s top AI helpers.

Harman’s CEO is calling it a truly collaborative effort, and even went as far as saying it’ll be more advanced than anything available today. That’s boisterous, but not surprising: every company thinks their thing is the most game-changing (or even life-changing) thing.

It’d be natural for you to take pause at the thought that Samsung’s troubled Bixby will be able to supplant Google Assistant or Alexa, but with a launch not slated until 2018 (nothing more specific than that calendar year was offered) things could improve tremendously.

Samsung has come quite a long way, though, with the company now ready to execute a global launch of Bixby in time for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. With the core smartphone platform in place, it’s only up to Samsung’s own imagination on just how far this thing can go (and they’ve been known to have a pretty active imagination over the years).

via Samsung

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