Samsung most definitely is making a smart speaker


Samsung’s name was thrown into the smart speaker arena early on as one potential player who could disrupt the current control by Google and Amazon. They attempted to deflect those rumors by suggesting that market isn’t viable right now.

But a couple months must do a whole lot of good for mulling over market viability, because they’ve just turned 180 degrees on that position. Samsung Mobile chief DJ Koh confirmed with CNBC that the company is, in fact, working on a smart home speaker.

There aren’t any details to be had, but the thinking is that it will have Bixby at its core, what with Samsung rolling it out on a massive scale and planning to have it be more than just a smartphone-bound assistant.

It also isn’t yet clear if this thing will only be compatible with Samsung’s family of devices, though it’ll certainly be better if you do have a Samsung-heavy home. Expect to hear more as we inch closer to the holiday season where Apple’s Homepod is set to enter the scene.

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