Aug 16th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 10:31 am

The S-Pen has become an integral part of the Galaxy Note experience and Samsung has done a good job of iterating over the years to make it feel new and fresh with each subsequent release of the Galaxy Note series. However, a new patent has surfaced that shows some of the crazy ideas Samsung has considered for the beloved S-Pen.

This patent recently discovered appears to show an S-Pen with a microphone as well as a breathalyzer built into it. It’s quite understandable why Samsung would try to integrate a microphone, but the breathalyzer is throwing me for a loop.

Alongside this strange patent, Samsung says that the device features a sensor that can analyze a person’s exhalation and could be bundled into a stylus, suggesting that it could be a future part of the Galaxy Note series if it ever came to light.

“The gas sensor portion may include a sensor module that analyzes the exhalation, a short-range transceiver unit that transmits data measured by the sensor module to the device main body, a sensor battery that supplies an electric power to the sensor module and the short-range transceiver unit, and a housing that receives the sensor module, the short-range transceiver unit, and the sensor battery, the housing rotatably connected to the moving body.”

It’s interesting to think about the applications of a breathalyzer inside an S-Pen, but it’s probably unlikely that Samsung will use it for widespread commercial purposes. Companies patent crazy ideas all the time just to hold the rights to the idea.

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