Jul 6th, 2016

With all the talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Edge display and iris scanner, we almost forgot the original innovation the thing is known for: the S-Pen. It seems Samsung is planning some big improvements in that department for the launch of the 2nd half flagship.

According to a report from iGyaan, the company’s biggest change will be improved Bluetooth 4 LTE connectivity. This will supposedly make for longer battery life as well as the ability for the phone to detect the S-Pen’s presence.

Moving on, the S-Pen is also said to be getting a slight redesign. While we wouldn’t expect much in the way of sweeping changes for this element of the phone, it’s possible we’ll get improvements to overall ergonomics, including a more comfortable button mechanism.

Alongside the S-Pen, the report details a bit of the functionality of its supposed iris scanner. You’ll be able to use the iris scanner to lock access to apps, documents and files, and we suppose that’ll join expected functionality of using it to unlock your device, however that is not yet certain.

It sounds like Samsung has tasked themselves with giving Note 5 owners a huge reason to upgrade, or at the very least winning over the Note 4 and Note Edge owners who weren’t happy with the Note 5. Either way, a great device is sure to be in the cards and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves.

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