The 5 Types of Android Users You Meet [Part 2]


Since day one, Android has always been about options and choice. Android’s slogan “together, not the same” describes this perfectly. We may use hundreds of different devices with millions of different launchers, themes, and icon pack combinations, but we’re all Android users.

Three years ago, I published The 5 Types of Android Users You Meet. I explained how every Android user can be organized into five categories based on their home screen set up. I’m back to categorize Android users again, but now I’m opening it up to more than just home screens. Let’s examine Android users a little deeper this time.

The Googler

Who: The Googler is not a real Googler (though they probably wish they were). This is a person that uses only Google products on their phone. They don’t necessarily have a Nexus or Pixel, but they use all Google apps. Even the apps that don’t really matter that much, like the calculator, has to be replaced with the official Google Calculator app. It’s Google all the way down.

Favorite food: Really into Nougat and Oreos right now

Favorite beverage: Does Froyo count as a beverage?

The OEM Loyalist

Who: Everyone has run into an OEM Loyalist if you read the comments on tech blogs. The OEM Loyalist is someone who isn’t content to enjoy their favorite manufacturer by themselves. They have to make sure that everyone knows that their favorite OEM is better than everyone else. Oh, you really like Phone A? Well, here are 20 reasons why it sucks and why Phone B is better.

Favorite food: Wendy’s Triple

Favorite beverage: Red Bull

The Nonpartisan

Who: The Nonpartisan is someone that doesn’t really care about who makes the phone or apps that they use. They’re not loyal to any manufacturer or developer. Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, it doesn’t matter. The Nonpartisan uses several Google apps, but not all of them. They might like OneDrive more than Google Drive and WhatsApp more than Allo. Spreading the love all over.

Favorite food: Tacos? Pizza? Sushi? Can’t decide

Favorite beverage: Pepsi is fine

The Cheapskate

Who: Everyone knows a Cheapskate. This is the person that got an Android phone from the bargain bin and then decided that Android sucks. They switch from a 2-year old $50 Android phone to a brand new $700 iPhone and they’re amazed at how much better it is. Everything they think they know about Android is based on one crappy phone they bought to save a few bucks.

Favorite food: 2 apple pies for $1 at McDonald’s

Favorite beverage: Water

The Butterfinger

Who: The Butterfinger is someone that always seems to be using a phone with a cracked screen. You see these people all the time. The screen is completely destroyed but they have no choice but to keep using the phone. The funny thing is these people often have thick cases on their phones. Unfortunately, The Butterfinger only puts a case on after they learn they’re a Butterfinger.

Favorite food: Sloppy Joes sandwich

Favorite beverage: Fruit Punch

Which type are you?

What type of Android user are you? Do you fall under one of these labels? Let everyone know in the comments below if you are one of these types or if you know people like this! Be sure to read Part 1 if you haven’t already!

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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