Moto Z2 Force vs Best Alternatives [SPECS]


The Moto Z2 Force looks great on paper, but how does it stack up to some of its competition? That’s what we’re here to find out, as we’ll be taking a look at the Moto Z2 Force up against the Samsung Galaxy S8, HTC U11, LG G6, and the OnePlus 5 for good measure.

These are considered the top phones on the market right now, and at a glance, the Moto Z2 Force looks well-equipped to challenge them.


The Moto Z2 Force checks all of the boxes you’d expect it to for a 2017 flagship smartphone. A nice big display? Check. Waterproof? Check. Dual cameras? Check (though we don’t know much about its quality just yet).

There are a couple of things it has that the spec sheets don’t show, though, with the biggest being its use of Moto Mods to add functionality by seamlessly snapping modules to its backside. Motorola has put all their weight behind this concept, and the result is the best implementation of modules we’ve seen to date. Being able to add extra battery juice, a better camera system, a projector, and even a video game controller is just a fantastic quirk, although the price tag of these individual attachments may still prove a bit abhorrent for the niche nature of it all.

Motorola also has ShatterShield, a display technology that they promise makes the phone virtually shatterproof. Everyone has tempered glass these days, but to be able to say your phone will withstand any impact is a pretty big deal.


There are a couple of things Motorola seems to have been bested on, with one being the sheer size of the device. It’s still pretty thick with even just a style Moto Mod attached, with its full girth stretching out to 8.5mm in that respect.

And for that size, you get an even smaller battery than not only the competition but yesteryear’s option: we’re going from 3,500mAh to 2,730mAh. We’re not sure what warranted that massive cell shrink, especially since the thinner Moto Z2 Play was at least able to manage 3,000mAh.

Also, LG and Samsung have found the perfect form factor in shrinking the bezels and giving us bigger displays without having to have bigger devices. It’s more personal taste than anything, but the consensus is that those are the finest built phones on the market today, and that’s for a very good reason.

Which is Better?

All things considered, the Moto Z2 Force seems well-positioned to be a force in the market. It has a couple of features no other manufacturer can match, though we certainly don’t like that they’ve neutered that all-important battery life. Do you see this earning a position among the best 2017 smartphones?

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