Apr 25th, 2017

Google’s self-driving arm known as Waymo is expanding their testing and research in a big way. The company will begin offering rides to folks in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas starting today.

500 new minivans were commissioned for the trial. Those interested can sign up at Waymo’s website to disclose details such as the types of trips you want to use Waymo for and whether you’d use Waymo as a primary means of transportation. Should you be selected, those rides will be free.

As you’d expect, a human driver will be present in each ride just to ensure nothing goes wrong. Most or all of the trip should be self-driven, but it’s nice to have that peace of mind of someone being behind the wheel in case something goes wrong. Of course, Waymo and Google’s exhaustive testing over the years has them confident enough to start roping in non-commissioned users for testing, so there should be little cause for concern.

Those interested can apply to ride right here.

[via Medium]

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