Google wants to Streamline App Development for Android Auto


While day one of Google I/O was focused solely on AI, Google has announced a ton of new updates for Android across different devices, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and even auto. With that in mind, the company highlighted key updates for Android Auto.

One big highlight is Google Cast, which will soon be available for compatible vehicles. The feature was initially known as “Chromecast built-in” and will come to Android Automotive in the coming months, starting with compatible models from Rivian. This feature allows users to stream video from their smart device directly to their vehicle, adding for a whole level of convenience.

Speaking of content, users will soon get access to more entertainment platforms including Peacock, The Max, and even Angry Birds, which will arrive soon for select vehicles.

For developers, Google is bringing a new “app quality tiers” for software, which splits apps into “car differentiated” for apps built to work in a variety of different hardware in cars, “car optimized” which center around car-specific capabilities available in driving and parked modes, and “car ready” apps which work with large screens and are enabled while the car is parked.

Developers will also have access to other auto-centric features, Firstly, such as a new emulator that allows developers to test various screen sizes and shapes, including wide and panoramic displays. There’s also a UI testing tool for simulating curved screens and other unique car display features, and a new system image that lets developers physically interact with their app on a Pixel Tablet, mimicking the in-car experience.

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Google will be bringing these cool new features to Android in a future update

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