Botslab G980H Dashcam captures your driving in stunning 4K


Dashcams are useful accessories for the car. They are mostly used for instances where an accident happens and you need video evidence to support your claims. In some cases, they can even be used for security purposes, where the dashcam can record footage in case someone tries to break into your car. If you’re looking for a dashcam that can go above and beyond, the Botslab G980H could be it. Here are several reasons why.

4K video recording quality

There are many dashcams out there in the market that are cheap. To reach that price point, certain sacrifices had to be made, such as reducing video resolution. This can result in footage that is grainy or blurry and unusable. That is an area that Botslab has not sacrificed in their G980H dashcam.

The dashcam offers 4K video resolution which should result in pretty crisp and clear footage. It uses a Sony IMX415 sensor so whether you’re driving in the day or at night, it will be able to capture footage that is more than usable. The rear dashcam, on the other hand, records video at 1080p resolution. Granted this isn’t as high as the front dashcam, but it should still be more than sufficient. In fact, thanks to the app’s software management, the quality of the footage is said to be equivalent to 2K.

In addition to high quality video, the lenses on the dashcams are pretty wide at 170-degrees and 150-degrees for the front and rear dashcams respectively. Botslab claims that at this angle, it will be able to record a field of view as wide as 6 lanes, which is honestly more than plenty!

You also don’t have to worry about the dashcam not being able to record at night. The G980H offers UHD Night Vision technology, and along with the WDR technology, it can optimize your video footage. It works both in night and day time scenarios to optimize video in case it’s either too bright or too dark.

Pedestrian and vehicle detection

One of the more unique features of the Botslab G980H compared to other dashcams is that it acts as more than just a camera for your car. It actually comes with some safety features in the form of pedestrian and vehicle detection.

This is also known as ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. The G980H actually uses a 1.5TOPS AI NPU chip with an AI algorithm. It can alert you at a traffic light if the car in front of you starts moving and you’re still stationary.

It can even alert drivers if they’re too close to a car in front of them. While it won’t automatically cause your car to brake, these alerts are still useful especially if you might be distracted. These notifications and alerts work for pedestrians. While you should definitely be paying attention while driving, having an extra pair of eyes never hurts.

The ADAS system can also detect if you’re driving at high speeds and will provide lane departure alerts. The dashcam can even provide drivers with reminders if they have been driving for a long period of time and asks them to rest.

GPS tracking & emergency recordings

The Botslab G980H also has built-in GPS. The dashcam’s GPS integrates with Google Maps. This will let you record your routes as you drive in case you need a record of where you’ve been or if you’re trying to backtrack.

If you were to find yourself in an accident, touch wood, there is a built-in G-sensor that can automatically lock emergency recordings along with seamless loop recordings.

Users will have the option of transferring the recorded videos wirelessly. No more having to deal with taking memory cards in and out. In fact, it offers both 5GHz and 2.4GHz wireless transfers, where you can get transfer speeds of up to 10MB/s.

Durable in all weather conditions

Now depending on where you live, it might be hot or cold. Leaving a gadget like a dashcam in your car all day could be a bad idea for some models. Luckily, Botslab has taken the weather and environment into consideration.

The company claims that the Botslab G980H has been built with durability in mind. It offers temperature resistance going down as low as -20C and all the way up to 70C. This means that you’re essentially covered and the dashcam will work in all environments and weather.

Speaking of durability, Botslab has also included the use of a supercapacitor that will offer enhanced safety and data preservation even in instant power-offs. This should help preserve the dashcam’s data in case anything happens.

Pricing & availability

If you think that the Botslab G980H dashcam is perfect for your needs, it is available for purchase on Amazon. It is priced at $219.99 which isn’t the cheapest dashcam we’ve seen, but considering all of its advanced features like 4K video recording, the ability to detect pedestrians and vehicles, makes it a pretty great deal.

Botslab is also offering a 10% discount if you use the RVF3RHXA coupon code upon checkout. Note that this code will expire on the 30th of June, 2024. If you’re interested, be sure to pop on over to Amazon and place your order today!

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