The refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will arrive as soon as June


Those refusing to let the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 die its fiery death will get the chance to own the device once again through refurbished units. Now we know those refurbished units should land by the end of June.

That’s the word for South Korea, anyway, where the device will come in at around $250 cheaper than it originally debuted for, making it just over $600. This is a reasonable price tag considering enough time has passed for regular depreciation in value as well as the fact that the devices are technically lesser than the originals with their smaller batteries.

They’ll be the same Galaxy Note 7 devices we grew in love with otherwise, devoid of any explosive properties, though. Those in South Korea will be able to get them through all three of the country’s major carriers. Other regions will have to wait and see if any other outlets, retailers, or carriers will be bold enough to resurrect this once-hot commodity. US residents needn’t apply.

[via ETNews]

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