Mar 15th, 2017

HTC is being a bit of a tease over on their Taiwanese Facebook page. They say they have something to share in that regard March 20th, but didn’t leave any hints. Guess it wouldn’t be much of a surprise, now would it?

Anyway, the message was accompanied by a leafy Springtime photo, something atypical of the company’s marketing chops. We’re also going to use the fact that they contained hints of this surprise to their Taiwanese customers as a sign that this isn’t some huge new smartphone launch. Besides, we’re sure we would have heard something on it by now, unless HTC has suddenly figured out the great technique to containing corporate leaks.

Instead, we suspect we could be getting some sort of new color option for the HTC U family. Something green, perhaps? It wouldn’t be the most groundbreaking announcement ever, but we’re sure those who are fans of the color green would be pretty psyched for that.

As much as we could guess, though, March 20th is 5 days away so we think we can curb our anxiety until then.

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