Top 6 reasons you should buy the LG G6 [VIDEO]


Flagship devices usually are accompanied with the best specs, a big marketing budget and high expectations. LG will likely be spending a lot of money to promote the G6, but the phone spec sheet could be better and expectations by the media and Android enthusiasts are pretty low.

That being said, here are six reasons you should buy the LG G6:

  • Software: UI 6.0 on the G6 is the best software LG has released in years
  • Square photos: the G6’s square photos feature is delightful if you’re an Instagram fan
  • Design: LG has stepped up its game with the G6, delivering a recognizable, premium design
  • Water resistance: this phone comes with IP68 water resistance, allowing it to survive if dunked in water
  • Dual cameras: two cameras isn’t a fad – especially when the wide-angle lens on the G6 is this good
  • Display: the 18:9 aspect ratio of the phone’s display is odd, but makes the phone smaller

For a more detailed look at each of these points, be sure to watch the video above.

Which of these features are most important for you? More importantly, are you planning to buy the G6 instead of the Galaxy S8 or another 2017 flagship smartphone?


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