Jan 17th, 2017

Google has detailed some nice new changes to Google+. For starters, we have one old feature that’s making its grand redebut: events! You schedule an event and you can invite people, who in turn can RSVP. It’s a nice way to drum up interest for some sort of live event (like our Mobile Roar podcasts that can be tuned into live every other Thursday). The functionality won’t fully launch until January 24th, but that’s not a big wait from now.

Beyond that, we now also get the ability to hide low-quality comments, though Google doesn’t exactly tell us how they characterize these.

We imagine it has something to do with +1s and spam patterns and the like, but no matter: you can choose to see all the comments in any given post if you want to see everything being discussed.

Finally, Google is eliminating much of the white space when viewing photos so you can view more of the photo, and on Web they’re finally letting you zoom in on them. It’s all rolling out through Google Play.

[via Google]

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