The LG G6 is rumored to feature an all-new glass design


LG is desperate to make a big change with its upcoming flagship device, the LG G6. The “niche” LG V(X) lineup has seemingly become more of a staple for the company compared to the G lineup, but that may change for the upcoming device.


We’ve already seen rumors suggesting a new design for the LG G6, but David Ruddock from Android Police has received a new rumor regarding the device. According to David, the G6 will feature an “all-glass design language similar to Samsung.” LG is also planning to no longer include removable batteries while keeping the precious 3.5mm headphone jack intact.

With this new design language, this could open the door for LG to begin including wireless charging, which Samsung already does with its current flagships. The G6 is also rumored to employ MST wireless payments with the G6 with “LG Pay”, after ditching its “White Card” idea.

With Mobile World Congress 2017 creeping up on us quickly, we’re likely to see more and more rumors surrounding upcoming devices make their rounds. If you’re an LG fan, let us know in the comments below what you would like to see in the LG G6 and if the company has a chance to take on Samsung’s Galaxy S8.


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