Dec 7th, 2016

We can’t think of the last time a Reddit app was being peddled on a crowdfunding site like IndieGoGo, but there’s a first time for everything. Stash gets those honors, and if you’re wondering why the app is being offered through crowdfunding it’s because they’re building a pretty interesting concept for it: offline caching.

We know, we know: caching data for use offline isn’t new, not even to Reddit apps. Stash is no different than something like a music app which lets you download music while you’re on WiFi so you can listen without sacrificing your data.


Only, with Stash, it’s for Reddit content, and for almost any type of content within any given Reddit post, including video, GIFs, and photos. You even have full control over the subreddits which can be cached and where on your device the data is stored, as well as when and where it syncs.

For supporting Stash, you get access to some sort of limited time “subscription,” benefits of which the developers didn’t describe. We’re not sure why Stash would need continuous subscription rates as the app supposedly does all its business on your phone without the need to ship anything off to a server.

The developers did mention that they’ve figured out a way to cache content that others haven’t been able to — such as caching YouTube videos without it being considered a violation of the service’s terms of use — so perhaps they just want some innovation tax.

There’s also the possibility that the subscription is an optional element which can be used to remove ads or add premium features for an otherwise free app. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t have much in the way of information in regards to that, so we’re going to ask them about it to see what’s up.

In any case, the recent surge of Reddit apps (and redesigns of beloved old ones) has been great and we’re happy to see Stash step in and offer something a bit different. If all goes well, look forward to it launching in March 2017.

[via IndieGoGo]

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