LG V20

Last updated: Apr 17th, 2017.

The LG V20 is a flagship that launched in September 2016. The device launched with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. The phone features a 5.7-inch Quantum IPS display, Snapdragon 820 chipset, dua-rear cameras,a secondary display, and more.

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LG V20 Review

The LG V20 is the successor to the V10. Once again, the unique Second Screen has been invited to the party, along with Android Nougat and pretty much everything else you can imagine.

Best LG V20 Accessories

If you’re ordering the new LG V20, chances are you’ll need some new accessories to go with that bad boy. Here are some of the best options to make sure you’re geared up once your device arrives.

Here are the 12 best LG V20 cases

The LG V20 will be arriving for many of us in the coming days and here is a list of the best case options to keep your new device protected.

30+ LG V20 Tips & Tricks

The LG V20 is just starting to land in various parts of the globe with US availability arriving shortly. To help you get a head start, we’re giving you over 30 different tips and tricks to get the most out of the phone. You know, once you finally get the phone in your hands.

LG V20: First 19 Things You Should Do

The LG V20 is gearing up for it’s big US release and if you’re wondering what are the first 19 things you should do upon taking it out of the box, check out our post.

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LG V30 vs V20: What’s New?

Now that the LG V30 has been announced, we take a look at how it stacks up to its predecessor in the LG V20, while also looking at whether you should upgrade to the V30.