LG G6 could ditch modularity and introduce wireless charging and a waterproof design


It’s sounding more and more like LG is ditching the modular smartphone arena. A new report out of The Investor suggests LG will look to move away from the modular smartphone design introduced on the LG G5 despite the company’s initial suggestion that they will continue to offer it in the future.

LG-G5-Review (15)

But for one lost, underappreciated feature, we could be getting many more. For starters, the word is that LG is looking to make the device waterproof. This could suggest LG is caving into industry pressure to sacrifice liberties like removable batteries for more impactful (and marketable) features. We’re not going to hang our hat on that assumption just yet, though, as Samsung has proven that you can make waterproof smartphones with removable batteries (Samsung Galaxy S5, anyone?) in the past.

More interesting is the supposed inclusion of wireless charging, something that has eluded LG fans for years now.

It would be sad to see the first company who attempted to bring modularity to the mainstream drop the trait like a bad habit, but Motorola is doing it better, and LG likely can’t afford to waste any more money on R&D for fruitless innovation as they’re looking to get their smartphone division back on track.

[via The Investor]

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