Nov 11th, 2016

The Unicode Consortium is still trying to figure out what 2017’s new set of emojis will be, but today they’ve whittled the list down to 51 options for consideration.

It’s always fun to get an idea of what we may be treated to in the future, and there are some interesting ones on the list right now for sure. One member of the Unicode Consortium suggested breastfeeding as an essential emoji for the “family” collection, with her reasoning being how prevalent the practice is in many cultures around the world. We’re not sure how often anyone will need to convey the thought of breastfeeding with a cartoon image of the act, but hey — it might be the next big emoji.


Other interesting considerations include dinosaurs, zombies, elves, genies, vampires, a flying saucer, a sled, a rock climber, a curling stone, giraffes, zebras, saunas, sandwiches, pies, pretzels. I’m getting hungry.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that all these suggestions will be accepted for the final Unicode 10.0 list which is set to be finalized mid-2017, but we’re starting to get to a point where the list is pretty much set.

Be sure to take a look at the full list over at Unicode’s website if you’re interested. If you do, note that some of the example images used are only for proposal purposes only and do not depict the intended final design.

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