Google is prepping Cardboard support for the Daydream View


While the Daydream View may be the first vessel for Google’s exciting new vision for mobile VR, it still looks like a pretty functional headset for other purposes to us. Of course, we’re talking about the mounds of VR apps already out there that were made for use with Google Cardboard.So, why not use it with Google Cardboard apps?

So, why not use it with Google Cardboard apps? That’s exactly what one soul tried to do in his natural quest to tinker with things. Turns out Google is already building preliminary support for Google Cardboard, as a prompt asks you whether you’re using a Daydream View headset and if you want to switch viewers.


Upon closing Daydream, they found that Cardboard did, in fact, come up and presented the user with their list of available content. Unfortunately, that’s where things seemed to stop, as unique Daydream features like controller input weren’t recognized.

When asked about the interaction, Google confirmed that they will be building proper support for using Cardboard apps inside of the Daydream View, complete with the ability to control the UI and play games using the headset’s controller.

Now, we wouldn’t run out to buy a Daydream View headset just yet,  as we’re still not sure what Google will and won’t support in terms of content and your ability to interact with them. But if you have your eye on the Daydream View  — which we’ve just reviewed — and still want access to all your Cardboard stuff, the future looks quite bright.

[via AusDroid]

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