LG Pay suffers another delay, this time to 2017


Shortly after Samsung and Apple launched their own mobile payments services, it was discovered LG was looking to get into the mobile payments business themselves. Well, maybe they weren’t quite as ready as they thought they were.

The service was announced in 2015 and slated for an early launch in 2016, but LG announced that its debut would be delayed until later in the year. That delay will now extend into 2017. The company apparently planned to push the service with the launch of the LG V20 in their home country that’ll happen in 2 days, but those plans were cancelled.

The reported issue is that their White Card implementation hasn’t come along as smooth as they’d like. If you don’t know, White Card is a physical card with NFC that can have credit and debit card information linked to it. The information is transferred from the phone to the White Card, so you use your phone to select the payment source and transfer those payment details to the White Card for use with any terminal.

LG’s solution isn’t quite as efficient as Samsung’s as far as mobile payments are concerned. It’s arguably a bit more secure, but not so much more that the convenience of other options become non-factors. Regardless, this is what LG wants to do, and they’ll want to make sure they get everything right before trying to deploy it. Nothing wrong with that.

[via ZDNet]

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