LG Pay reportedly delayed until Q2 of this year, LG focusing on the G5 for MWC 2016


LG has never been shy about their plans to launch a mobile payments solution. Back in November, LG said they had hoped to have a Samsung Pay competitor available in December. Of course, we’re well past that and those plans never exactly came to fruition. More recently, we saw rumors that LG was working on a physical electronic card — like Coin or Plastic — called LG Pay and would store all your credit cards while working anywhere regular credit cards are accepted.

Last we heard, LG was planning on unveiling LG Pay alongside the LG G5 at Mobile World Congress, but it seems their plans have once again hit another snag. The Korea Times is now reporting that an LG official was quoted as saying LG Pay has been officially delayed until until sometime in Q2 of this year. We’re not sure what the issue was, but LG is pretending this has to do with keeping the spotlight on the real start of the show: the LG G5.

LG plans to unveil the LG G5 on Sunday, February 21st — the very same day we’ll see new flagship devices from competitors like Samsung and Huawei. Should be a very interesting show, to say the least.


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