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Another one of these associative smartphone studies is being conducted. This time, one researcher — Heather Shaw from the University of Lincoln — sought to find out which types of people use Android phones vs iPhones. In their studies, most of the personality traits had no hard correlation with the smartphone users except 3:

  • The humility of the user
  • How honest the user is
  • Whether someone avoids similarity or not

The last one is probably more obvious than anything: Android users may go out of their way to express more individuality when purchasing smartphones. This is only natural for a user who prefers Android considering the vast array of options out there (even if an overwhelming majority of them are Samsung users).

iphone 6 vs galaxy s6

More interesting is that the study suggests Android users are more humble and honest than those on Apple’s side of the fence. We’re not exactly sure how that conclusion was made, but what does it mean anyway? Does it mean iPhone users are arrogant? Does it simply mean they bought iPhones because buying iPhones was the “in” thing to do at the time?

Unfortunately, the full details of the study have yet to be published. Another interesting detail was that women are more likely to own iPhones than Android phones. In my inner circle? Totally true, but my sample size is pretty darn small, and so is this study’s (Only 230 people were surveyed to determine personality traits, and only 500+ smartphone owners were cross-surveyed with that information) so we can’t say it applies on a global scale.

Regardless, we’re curious to hear your thoughts. Do you see some of these traits in the people around you? Are iPhone users more on the arrogant or humble side? Do they approach their smartphone buying preferences with a degree of snobbery? Do you know any women who own Android phones? The comment section is yours.

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