Samsung will create a 2-in-1 port for microSD and removable UFS cards


Last week, Samsung announced the world’s first UFS removable storage. UFS is a file storage standard which rivals the speeds which you’ll find inside SSD storage, which is some of the fastest available.

Pondering the question of compatibility, we wondered how hard it would be to usher in this new standard, what with people having already invested in microSD. Unfortunately, you can not use UFS cards with current microSD slots.

But Samsung says that they are developing a 2-in-1 port that can read and accept both UFS cards and microSD cards. This should solve the problem of being forced into the new standard should you not want to shell out on new cards for future phones and devices. It’ll still be a tough sell to get people away from microSD if the UFS cards are more expensive, but at least you won’t be forced to make the move if you’re not ready.

[via Droid-Life]

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