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One of the great things about smartwatches is the ability to quickly respond to messages. A lot of apps even allow you to create preset responses so you don’t have to use your voice or type. What if there was an app that took that same idea to phones? And what if it could intelligently predict what you would say? Say hello to Fluenty.

Fluenty uses an AI engine to suggest responses to messages. It works with popular messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, WhatsApp, KakoaTalk, and SMS. Fluenty intercepts the message and replaces it with a new heads-up notification. The notification has an option for “Smart Reply.” Tapping Smart Reply will bring up a list of suggested responses. Simply tap one to reply.

Most of the time, Fluenty’s suggestions are good. You can sign in with Google or Facebook, which helps Fluenty get to know how you talk. If none of the responses seem appropriate, you can tap the “Reply” button and type out a response the old fashioned way. Even that saves time because you don’t have to open the messenger app.

I mentioned that most smartwatches can perform similar tasks, but they don’t have te AI element. Fluenty also works with Android Wear so you can use the smart replies on your wrist.  There are a few options to customize how the notifications look and sound and add your own custom responses.

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Download This

Fluenty saves you time by predicting how you will respond to messages. All you have to do is choose the suggestion that best fits and send it off. It works with most of the messenger apps you already use. Fluenty can also save your most frequently used responses so you’re not typing them over and over again. The app is completely free and without ads or in-app purchases.

DOWNLOAD: Fluenty – Google Play

  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: No
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Installs: 10,000 – 50,000

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