Jun 23rd, 2016

Nothing like a little insurance, right? Samsung was the first major OEM to loosen its dependence on Google by making their operating system Tizen, however the company is only using it on a smaller scale for wearables and IoT products, and they claim they aren’t ditching Android anytime soon.

But it seems they won’t be the only company to do such a thing. The Information reports Huawei is also secretly cooking up an OS of their own. Does that mean the company is looking to defect from this great union?

Not necessarily. Huawei’s motives are supposedly only cautionary. The company wants to have a strong backup plan for a potential future where Google gets too — shall we say — totalitarian-like with Android.

It’s not a sin for a company to think that way. Even if Google keeps Android the happy garden of joy that everyone loves today, tomorrow isn’t certain. And it’s not just about Google’s potential future behavior, but also a potential future where Android becomes defunct. It’s hard to think that’ll ever happen, but did we ever think Windows Mobile would die in its glory days? Did Blackberry ever foresee their brand dying?

That said, Huawei can’t be quite as liberal as a company like Samsung in this regard. They still have much bigger fish to fry in the way of expanding their global presence. Sure, they’re a top 3 OEM in smartphone sales, but most of that is in China.

They have solid plans for expansion in the US and Europe, but those plans are still in their infant years and much of their attention has to be on that in the here and now. In the meantime, though, their crack team of engineers will be behind the scenes working on their safety net.

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