Samsung reportedly looking to move away from Android


Previously, we heard reports about Samsung wanting to move away from Android Wear with the Galaxy Gear. Those reports were quickly rebuffed, but now it seems that Samsung may want to move away from Android entirely, instead, using Tizen OS across all its devices.

In a report by The Korean Times, an unidentified Samsung executive was quoted as saying:

“If you don’t have your own ecosystem, then you will have no future.”

The company has rolled out its Galaxy Z series of devices in India, which are run with Tizen OS. The company also is looking to expand Tizen to more devices, such as “televisions, cameras, and Internet-enabled watches.”

It’s no secret that Samsung wants to use their own Operating System on their devices, but execution and adoption will be the biggest hurdles if Samsung decides to stray away from Android. The company is attempting to get more companies on-board, as well as developers, to help grow Tizen OS into a widespread, and common operating system.

[via The Korea Times]


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