Jun 23rd, 2016

android virus

The folks over at Trend Micro have recently discovered a new mobile malware that targets Android devices. The malware is called “Godless,” and it can infect nearly 90% of Android devices. Trend Micro reports that the Godless malware has already affected over 850,000 devices. It can be found in apps from the Google Play Store.

The malware works by using a framework called “android-rooting-tools.” It gains root access and then reports back to the creators. Some of the things Godless can do is download unwanted apps without the user’s knowledge, display malicious ads, and spy on users.

Trend Micro says that some of the apps affected with Godless have already been removed from the Play Store. But some “clean” apps that have malicious clones with the same developer certificate. These clones aren’t in the Play Store, but there is potential to be upgraded to the malicious versions without your knowledge. Be safe out there.

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