Report: Samsung wont be leaving Android for Tizen anytime soon


There’s been a lot of murmurings around the web that Samsung’s new reign as smartphone king would eventually lead them away from Android, and onto their own open sourced Linux-based OS dubbed, Tizen. The younger brother of Bada (Samsung’s first attempt at a smartphone OS), Tizen was originally scheduled for a 2012 release in Samsung’s homeland of South Korea, although the OS has yet to see the light of day on any smartphone as of yet. That should change in 2013 with a Samsung’s plans to finally release mobile devices running Tizen OS later this year.

Where Bada could more or less be described as “Android Lite,” Tizen is a more robust mobile experience. Of course there are many similarities with Android — both are open sourced and have a very similar UI — some believed that this could be the beginning of the end for Samsung and Android. But is it possible for the two to coexist and if so, how much time and effort will Samsung devote to the fledgling OS? According to one analyst, not much.

Hillside Partners Rory Maher assured clients today that the chances of Samsung leaving Android in favor of Tizen are slim. Maher believes that just like Bada, Tizen will stick to the countries where Bada succeeded in its tiny 3% market share, namely, Asian markets. So, if the thought of the Samsung Galaxy S5 running Tizen OS is keeping you up at night, get some rest. Galaxy S6? That might be another story…

[Barron’s via BGR]

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  1. They should just keep Tizen for their low end non Galaxy phones mainly in emerging markets…….if they were smart that is.

    1. If they know what’s good for them. *punches palm* O_o

      1. Haha I know right.

  2. just release low end tizen phones and flagship galaxy.
    whos excited for tomorrow. this guy is :D

    1. Excited… but apprehensive. lol

      1. Indeed.

  3. It’s just a matter of time, don’t take their word for it

  4. I love Samsung phones, but I’ll either jump to HTC phones or even *gasp* an iPhone, before I use Tizen.

  5. Tizen, Sailfish, Firefox OS for Mobile, Ubuntu OS for Mobile, there is only one place for it. Dustbin.

    1. hmm I’d also add Chrome OS to that list

  6. I see a lot of young people reacting to this article, completely clueless to the interdependencies that have plagued computing platforms in the past. Hardware manufacturers no longer want to be at the mercy of software providers/licensors. It’s the direction that Palm tried to take, but failed due to poor financing. It’s the direction Dell is taking against Windows. And it is, indeed, the direction Samsung is taking with respect to Android. No one wants to be on a leash.

    Believe it, darlings: the unified model of controlling both hardware and software will be the new normal.

    1. Apple do that and their share price and market share is dropping like a stone.

      1. I believe they still have the largest market capitalization…..doesn’t suck.

  7. Samsung without Android = Certified Dead. Without support of developer communities, even Windows is in dangerous situation. Maybe Samsung simply think that that have lots of supporter, however, most supporters don’t expect they will buy a smart phone without many apps or funtionalities. In fact, the spec of mobiles is getting closer, if Samsung simply stop producing Android smart phone, the dead of Samsung is a certain.

  8. Younger brother of Bada? More like descendent of the line from Nokia’s Maemo via Intel’s Meego?

  9. Tizen is not dead yet?

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