Nest CEO sends email to employees which may confirm a new product in the pipelines


Nest has been in much turmoil lately, with rumors surrounding the fact that Google wasn’t happy with the direction of the company, then with Tony Fadell leaving Nest for Alphabet. With a whole slew of questions surrounding Nest, it would only be natural to assume that there may be a sale in order for the company.


In order to make its employees rest easy, the new CEO, Marwan Fawaz, sent an email out giving some details about the future of the company. The Verge was able to get its hands on the email which gave us some great insight as to what’s coming to Nest. Obviously, the big quote from the email is that “Nest is categorically not for sale”. Which is great news for the company’s employees along with the continued focus on growth for Nest.

Something worth noting after reading the email from the CEO isn’t in regards to the status of a Nest selloff, but instead, a mention of a new product that is redacted.

We need to focus on delivering the great roadmap we have in place, beginning with [redacted]. – Marwan Fawaz, CEO of Nest

There haven’t been any mentions of a new product from Nest.In fact, after the acquisition of Dropcam, there hasn’t been many rumblings about new products from Nest, other than the unrest within the company. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled to see what’s in the pipelines.

[via The Verge]


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