Jun 20th, 2014

Dropcam Pro products

And just like that, Google’s recently acquired Nest is now announcing that they’ve agreed to buy Dropcam for a whopping $555 million. The news comes after rumors of the acquisition a short time ago, bringing yet another hardware company into Google’s ever growing family. In a blog post, Dropcam CEO Greg Duffy sounded enthusiastic about the move (which still needs to be approved by regulators), saying Nest and Dropcam share a similar vision, and to expect great things from them in the future.

How long before we see Dropcams on the Play Store? We imagine it wont be long. It was barely 3 months after Google announced their Nest acquisition that the smart thermostat wound up on Google Play. More recently, we saw Nest Protect elbow its way back into the Play Store as well (after a small hiccup). You can learn more about Dropcam and the products they offer here.

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