The co-founder of Nest is leaving the company


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Tony Fadell, the guy that made thermostats cool, is leaving Nest. He announced on the Nest blog that he will no longer be involved in the day-to-day. Tony will take on an adviser role to Larry Page and Alphabet. The new CEO at Nest will be Marwan Fawaz, who previously worked at Motorola Home.

What does this mean for Nest? Tony says that there is already a two-year road-map in place at the company. Theoretically, we should still see new products in the future. Nest made a big splash with the learning thermostat six years ago, but the company has been struggling since then. The Nest thermostat is beloved in the home automation crowd, but that market is pretty small right now.

It’s unfortunate to hear that Nest is not doing so well. As techies, we love the Nest thermostat and everything that it can do. The potential was seen as limitless when Google acquired Nest back in 2014. Hopefully, we see more from this promising company in the future. Do you have any of Nest’s products in your home?

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