Inbox by Gmail updates you whenever a meeting status changes and gets its own “Save to Inbox” feature


Tired of meeting statuses changing and you not getting properly updated? The latest Inbox by Gmail feature is for you. Email relating to an existing event or meeting can now be grouped into a view that bundles all the email related to that event. When something changes? Google lets you know. No more confusion.

Furthermore, we’re getting the ability to save links to your Inbox account so you can read them later. It’s a nice way to corral all the interesting links you come across for the day without having to keep those email in your inbox. We should clarify that this feature isn’t the same as Save to Google despite doing virtually the same thing.

Lastly, the update brings an easier way to jog through newsletter. It digs out the links and makes it easy to scan the title of each one. Click it, and the story opens up in a new window. How about that? The update should be rolling out on the web and in the Android app through Google Play later today, so be sure to look for it if you’re interested.

[via Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
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