This new wearable will literally shock you in the morning


We all know that one person who just can’t seem to get up in the morning (maybe it’s you). There are countless devices on the market to solve this problem. Some alarm clocks require you to solve a puzzle or chase a robot around the room. A new wearable on Indigogo aims to take the morning alarm to the next level.

Shock Clock does exactly what the name implies. It’s a device that you wear around your wrist, like a watch, and when it’s time to wake up you will feel an electric shock. The idea is your mind will eventually be conditioned to wake up with without an alarm. It’s similar to the famous Pavlov’s dogs experiment. The watch starts with vibration, then beeps, and the last resort is a shock.


The Shock Clock is currently being funded on Indiegogo. You can get yours in September for $99 right now. It has already been funded, so there’s a very good chance you’ll get the product (you never know with crowdfunded projects). Does this sound interesting to anyone?

[via Indiegogo]

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