HTC 10 Cases and Accessories: Ice View case, Noise-cancelling USB Type-C headphones and more


HTC 10 is official!

Wondering what you’ll be able to buy alongside the HTC 10 enhance your experience? Let’s take a quick look.

HTC headphones in the box!

You already know HTC is including a pair of earbuds with the purchase of their phone. The earbuds feature nice ear ergonomics and have been specially tuned to sound great with the HTC 10’s BoomSound audio profiles.

JBL Noise-cancelling Earbuds

But HTC has another set of cans coming up in conjunction with JBL. They’re known as the JBL Aware C, and they’ll utilize USB Type C to offer active noise cancellation without the need of a battery. This keeps the earbuds nice and compact while also capable of driving away outside noise. The audio also passes over the USB cable, in case you were curious.

jbl htc headphones

The Reflect Aware C will feature a sweat-proof design and tangle-free cables. HTC and JBL don’t yet have price info on these things, but we’ll be keeping an eye out.

Goodbye Dot View, Hello Ice View

Also up for grabs will be the Ice View case, which is a direct improvement over the old Dot View cases HTC offered for previous phones. Instead of a pixelated view of information about incoming calls and notifications, the Ice View case offers a much more translucent view that can deliver more information.

You can get a quick look at the date and time, weather, incoming calls and texts, and even get a blurry (but usable) preview of a photo or video when using the camera. It allows you to act on all of these things without having to swing the case’s door open.


The case — which is made of TPU material — has all the usual cutouts to ensure full use without ever having to remove it. It even has a magnet embedded into that slick looking HTC logo so the device can know when the case’s door is closed shut. The HTC 10 Ice View case will retail for $50.

All in all, a solid outing of accessories for the HTC 10. Not too many to choose from, but that’s no matter when we’re more worried about quality than quantity. Let us know if you’ll be picking any of them up alongside your HTC 10 when it’s available this May.

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