HTC 10 ties with the Samsung Galaxy S7 on DxOMark for camera quality


Has HTC finally found its ground in the camera department? Those skeptical of the hype from the Taiwanese company might have their fears quelled with DxO’s latest declaration: the HTC 10’s 12MP OIS camera received the same score of 88 as the Samsung Galaxy S7, which took the stop spot as the company’s best smartphone camera available when it launched.

HTC only scored 90+ in areas of Autofocus and Texture (93 each), but came close in Contrast/Exposure and Artifacts at 89. The HTC 10 didn’t do quite as good as the Galaxy S7 in the video department (it got an 88 there), but still managed a respectable 86. DxOMark called the HTC 10 a “great all-rounder.”

We’ll wait until we get our hands on the device to judge quality for ourselves, but this is a pretty promising endorsement and a nice assurance that HTC’s camera will be much more usable than we’re used to. Read the full report right here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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