AT&T says Galaxy Note 5 gets Marshmallow update today, Galaxy S6 on the 14th


We usually don’t trust the word of reps when it comes to delivering accurate information, but enough people have contacted AT&T’s staff to make us confident in the consistent answers they’re giving. AT&T is currently communicating that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 are getting Marshmallow in these next few days.

The Note 5’s is said to be available as soon as today, though we haven’t yet seen any reports of it arriving. The Samsung Galaxy S6’s update supposedly won’t arrive until March 14th, which — if accurate — isn’t but a few days’ wait.

Reports came from multiple users on both XDA and Reddit who looked to corroborate the support reps’ words. AT&T likely won’t have some big fanfare announcement to let us know the updates are rolling out, so we’re left to our own patience to wait and see if they’re finally ready to deliver Marshmallow.

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