Alleged HTC 10 pictures show hardware keys for Back and Recent Apps


If you’re going to have a home button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner, why not have hardware capacitive buttons for Back and Recent Apps to match it? That’s what HTC will supposedly do for the HTC 10, if the leaked images below are accurate.

We figured HTC would do away with the software-based navigation buttons for this very reason. It could be a bummer for those who enjoyed them, but it could be a godsend for those who would rather have the extra screen real estate.

The photos don’t show much else that we haven’t already seen, including an unusually profound front camera sensor, a metal body with chamfered edges, what appears to be an infrared blaster below the rear camera’s flash module, and — unfortunately — the absence of dual front-facing speakers. The phone is said to be on its way April 19th so it won’t be too long before we have all the official details on it.

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