Mar 11th, 2016

Ah, yes. Another instance where a Googler is seen using anything other than an Android device. While it’s typically a non-story when that happens, the fact that Google’s ex-CEO and current advisor Eric Schmidt is seen using one seems to have driven the internet crazy.

eric schmidt iphone 1

Stop right there. Don’t blow this up into something it’s not. Eric Schmidt is using an iPhone. Yes, that is a thing, and that thing is true. Does that thing mean anything? No, it does not.

Google does maintain the number 1 competing mobile operating system of Apple’s, yes, and they may have turned into bitter rivals over the years, but it’s foolish to suggest their employees can’t use anything other than Google products. Here are but a few reasons why it’s silly to suggest that:

  • Google is not an Android company. Google is an internet company (and last we checked, the iPhone makes use of the internet). Android just happens to be one of the many tools they use to get their services into billions of hands.
  • Eric Schmidt once served on the board of director for Apple, and this was even while he was still CEO of Google. These people aren’t at literal war, people. They’re just doing business.
  • Google makes products for iOS. It’s not so crazy to see many of their employees using the devices they create products for.
  • It’s a phone, and it does the same thing that any other Android phone can do.

So, you see, it’s not odd at all that Eric Schmidt is using an iPhone. What’s more shocking is that people are still instigating smartphone wars in 2016. Let’s move on, folks.

eric schmidt iphone 2

[via OSEN (Translated)]

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