Dec 14th, 2015


Facebook loves apps. Currently, Facebook has 13 different apps in the Play Store. One of those apps is called Moments, and it’s about to get a lot more important. The Moments app was previously a way for friends and family to easily share photos with one another after events. Now, it will be the place for all of your synced photos to live, as well.

In case your unfamiliar with Facebook Photo Sync, it automatically uploads all the photos from your camera into a private Facebook album. It’s the same thing that a lot of cloud storage apps can do. Facebook has started notifying people that content from Photo Sync is going to live in the Moments app. The switch will be flipped on January 10th. If you use the Photo Sync feature, you’ll need to have the Moments app installed.

A lot of people hate downloading extra apps like this when these things could all be done in one app. There’s Messenger, Groups, and now Moments. Personally, I love that Facebook does this, but not for the reason they would want. The main Facebook app is notorious for poor performance and impacting battery life. I just use the browser for checking the Facebook website, and the Messenger app for chatting. It works great.

Do you use the Moments app? How many Facebook apps do you use?

[via Engadget]

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