Schools are starting to ban smartwatches from exams to prevent cheating


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It was only a matter of time. A university in Japan is banning all watches from exam rooms. The ban is for every type of watch, but it’s obvious that smartwatches are the reason for concern. Schools in Australia and England have also banned watches, along with the AP program and SAT test centers in the US.

Students will use any advantage to pass a test. A smartwatch is a way to easily glance at information right on your wrist. You could put some keywords and formulas on a watch face, or have a friend send you answers. I’ve witnessed students cheat with far less. Phones have already been banned from most places for the same reasons. New technology is always making it easier for students to cheat on tests. Schools will do their best to prevent it.

Does your school ban any devices during exams? Have you heard of any schools doing the same thing?

[via The Verge]

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