Dec 3rd, 2015

Yahoo is sick and tired of everyone counting them out of the messenger game in the face of Apple’s iMessage and Google’s Hangouts. So, they’re doing something about it — here’s the new and improved Yahoo Messenger.

The first thing the company set out to do with this update was put a focus squarely on photos. That’s their “thing,” after all. They say it’s possible to send hundreds of photos to an entire group of participants in an instant. We imagine they’re referring to a glorified link to a Flickr-like album, but we’re not keeping score. The images are downgraded a bit but still very high quality, and those who want a permanent copy can download the full quality image right to their phone. GIFs are also being roped in. Yahoo’s Tumblr will serve as an ever-growing database of GIFs from which you can choose to send to friends and family.

yahoo messenger new

Moving on from imagery, the latest update makes it possible to “unsend” any photo or text you send, as well as “like” a message that grabs your interest for one reason or another. Rounding out the list of new goods are Smart Contacts, which not only automatically helps you find friends and family, but also detects your relationship between them (so you can instantly start a “family” group and have your family members automatically added, for instance). Yahoo’s also priding themselves on the speed achieved with this update, noting that conversations are synced between all your platforms nearly instantaneously.

You can grab the update from Google Play right now (and it’s obviously already waiting for you on the web version) so be sure to try it out as soon as possible if you happen to prefer this messaging platform over all others.

[via Yahoo]

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