Razer says they aren’t giving up on Android TV


It was only a couple of days ago we noticed Google stopped offering the Razer Forge Android TV at the Google Store, a move which seemed to spell impending death for the console. But despite that worrying event, Razer says they have no intention of giving up on the Razer Forge Android TV and their gaming platform.

If you don’t remember, Razer purchased OUYA after the latter failed to make meaningful waves in the market beyond their initial wildly-successful Kickstarter campaign. The plan for Razer was to make a spiritual successor to OUYA and utilize the platform to deliver some fresh new games that could be enjoyed on affordable hardware.

razer forge tv DSC07800

But one thing Razer didn’t account for was competition. They weren’t the only gaming-focused Android TV product on the market, and they arguably weren’t even the best. The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV had a lot to say in that space, with the illustrious Tegra X1 and NVIDIA’s strong advertising making it difficult for Razer to gain customers despite being more expensive. Razer also hasn’t helped themselves much as the original firmware shipped with the Razer Forge was found to be buggy beyond repair.

That said, the company maintains they’ll be ramping up production in the months to come, and will have some “exciting” news to share in that same time frame. We’re expecting some sort of announcement at CES, but unless it’s a new console equipped to beat the shirt of NVIDIA’s back we can’t be too confident it’ll help the current product fare any better than it already has.

[via Engadget]

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