The Razer Forge Android TV seems all but dead


The Razer Forge Android TV had a decent run to this point, but the gas tank is teetering on the side of “empty” and a refill doesn’t seem likely. The device has been moved to “unavailable for purchase” status at the Google Store. If history is anything to go by, this language typically means Google is not planning to replenish its stock.

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The Razer Forge TV wasn’t a bad device, and carried with it one of the most decent price tags you could slap onto a 1st-generation Android TV product outside of the Nexus Player. It also had the backing of a company deeply planted within the gaming scene, and some top notch hardware to live up to that industry.

Despite all that, it hit the market to little fanfare and didn’t make enough of a splash to make anyone stand up and take notice. Taking blame for part of that is Razer themselves, who didn’t exactly push a lot of marketing muscle behind the thing. Compare that to NVIDIA who talks up SHIELD and all the great new things you can do it on a near weekly basis.

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The device was also marred by flawed software which annoyed consumers with a heap of bugs. Hordes of 1-2 star reviews on Amazon are all you need to read to find out why most people decided to keep their money in their wallets. The device (bundled with the gaming controller) is still currently on sale at Amazon for $135, and if they’re ever able to chew through that stock we wouldn’t be surprised if they opt out of putting more units up down the line. So long, Razer.

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