Razer quietly buys OUYA for an undisclosed sum



Razer and OUYA preferred not to comment on rumors that the former was buying the latter, but it’s happened. Mesa, a financial firm that acts as a middleman for these types of deals, has confirmed that a deal did go down for Razer to swallow up the maker of the Android game console.

OUYA’s history has been an up and down one. The company successfully completed one of the biggest Kickstarter campaigns of all time and got a product to market in reasonable time, though the console was underpowered by the time it launched and they’ve not had much success securing compelling, exclusive titles. They’d raised funding and tried their hand at making OUYA a gaming platform more than just a console, but that was much less exciting in practice than they probably realized. Looks like Kevin was right, after all.

So why did Razer buy them? We’re not sure, and we’ll probably never know. We imagine it does kill two birds with one quick stone (if this move was to help the Razer Forge Android TV product gain better positioning):

  • It takes a competitor off the market so they can sell their decidedly superior product.
  • They get the pick of the litter when it comes to hardware and software engineers with experience.

The fact that Razer is reluctant to confirm the deal (Mesa since took news of the acquisition off their website) suggests they are planning to sweep OUYA’s name under a dirty rug, though without official word it’s anyone’s guess. We’ll be looking to snag a comment from top brass and we’ll report back if we learn anything new.

[via Liliputing]

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  1. this deal was done for a to-go pizza from Little Ceasars and Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock

    1. This is probably the most under-the-influence thing I’ve read on this website. I mean, I’ve posted some comments with a few beers under my belt, but… I cannot compete. LoL!!

      1. hahahaha so do you think i overshot it???

        1. I think they overpaid :) should have taken the CEO of ouya to CiCis and given her a buy one get one free coupon for a round of mini golf.

          1. haha exactly, love it!

          2. Guys, come on. All she needed was a big mac. Stop paying too much.

          3. That will be her golden parachute she gets when she takes the spare change left in the petty cash drawer.

          4. Y’all got my employees laughing at me. I’m dying from these comments. Bwahahahaaa!!

            I think I’m finding them a bit too funny.

    2. The bacon one? Yeah, good deal then! :)

      1. Sold! That’s some good stuff

  2. Most Android consoles are not really interesting anyway. The only reason I would ever consider to buy is the ability to play with emulators but that’s it

  3. Does he also Say: quick get to the choppa if you arrive at the airport?

    1. Oops wrong app can someone delete this?

      1. No its too funny to delete

        1. The best part is that the article that I was reading is not even English it is on a Dutch website. No idea how my comment ended up here.

          1. I am now concerned on what you were reading. But I don’t want to know. My imagination makes it all the more fun. LoL!!

          2. A article that it’s now possible to use Arnold Schwarzenegger voice for navigation in waze

  4. Perhaps they could combine both brands and can their next device the “Ou-Zer”? Isn’t that what wet turds do, anyway? Obviously, it’s a bovine-based turd, because Ouya was full of BS from the start.

  5. So where are the comments now that this was on par with a console.

  6. I had to go back and read the comments telling Kevin how wrong he was. I was one of the few who actually agreed.

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