Aug 1st, 2012 publishUpdated   Aug 16th, 2012, 6:58 pm

OUYA is celebrating their last week on Kickstarter wit some rather exciting news and offers. First thing’s first: they’ve raced past $6 million, an impressive feat considering their initial goal was only $950,000.

With that, and with the last week of their Kickstarter campaign, comes even more good news. First of all, VEVO and OUYA (two companies whose name are four letters long and completely capitalized) are partnering up to provide music videos on the console.

VEVO is perhaps the biggest online music video service on the internet, and this partnership brings even more entertainment value to this grassroots effort. Check out there statement:

At VEVO, our mission is to bring high quality music experiences to users wherever and whenever. We have always strived to embrace new platforms that developers, creative communities and consumers are excited about. OUYA is just that—it’s one of the most exciting new entertainment platforms we’ve seen and we think it’s a natural fit for VEVO’s premium music videos and original music programming.

This is why I am thrilled to tell you today that VEVO is committed to launch with OUYA when it comes to market in March 2013. Through this partnership, we will bring our rich catalogue of over 50,000 high definition music videos and new, original programming from more than 11,000 artists to OUYA’s groundbreaking new gaming console. We support and share OUYA’s vision that the future lies in being open and accessible for users looking for high quality entertainment experiences.

Our partnership with OUYA is grounded in our tireless effort to bring VEVO to every connected living room and home and we will continue to deliver our premium music video programming to the rest of our platform consisting of, mobile & tablet apps (including Android, iOS, Windows Phone), connected TVs like Xbox and partner sites such as AOL, CBS, Facebook, Viacom Media Networks, Yahoo! Music and YouTube.

All of that is great, but there’s even more: those who order the limited edition backer console this week will receive the console in a brushed metal brown aesthetic.

OUYA states you’ll get the earlier rewards in addition, but wasn’t clear on whether or not they meant you’d be getting two additional OUYA consoles (since the two previous rewards include the console).

We imagine that wouldn’t be the case as the limited edition reward is only $140, but we’ll be trying to figure that out regardless. In short, this is the very last week to get any of the rewards left before production goes into full swing. Expect a delivery estimate of December 2012. [OUYA Kickstarter]

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