NuCurrent introduces world’s first 10-watt multi-standard wireless charging antenna


NuCurrent today announced a very big breakthrough in wireless charging technology. The company has developed a multi-standard charging antenna which supports both the AirFuel Alliance (PMA and A4WP) and WPC’s (Qi) wireless charging protocols.

But the big part of that news is that they’ve done so with a configuration that supports both coil-based and resonance-based induction on the same chip, and doing so at up to 10 watts no matter which technology you’re using. That much power can get you up to 80% charging efficiency, which should be just enough to charge any modern smartphone nearly as fast as if you were using a standard, non-fast charging wall outlet.


This is huge news because it would mark the beginning of a world where folks would seldom have to think about the charging standard their phones use versus the charging pads out in the world. Samsung already made some huge strides on that front with their 2015 flagship smartphones, but not to the same extent that NuCurrent is boasting.

This should also open quality wireless charging options up to more manufacturers, and this sort of all-encompassing technology means the biggest excuses manufacturers use to shun wireless charging — its inefficiency and varied standards and methods — would be mostly eliminated.

The only question we have is how soon can we see this technology head to market. Unfortunately that question isn’t being answered today,, but with a summit going on a San Diego this week they’re sure to be striking up the deals needed to make that happen.

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