The Nexus 6P does have Quick Charge 2.0 compatible hardware


Some interesting new information about the Nexus 6P has come to light. Francisco Franco did some digging around the issues log for the Angler — otherwise affectionately known as the Nexus 6P — and found comments which suggest that the device does, in fact, have proper hardware for Quick Charge 2.0.

Nexus 6P charger DSC00204

The bug was signed off by Huawei’s Richard Yuan, who commented with the following:

As angler will not support QC2.0, but pmi8994 and smb1351 support QC2.0, we should disable this feature. Modify pmi8994 register 0x13f1 and 0x13f4 to set 5V only and disable HVDCP for pmi8994. Modify smb1351 registers 0x10, 0x12, 0x14 to set 5V only and disable HVDCP for smb1351.

The values “pmi8994” and “smb1351” refer to power regulator chips on the Snapdragon 810, the stuff that makes Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology work. As you can tell from the comment, the feature was deliberately disabled.

But this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. We knew there was a good chance that the hardware did support Quick Charge 2.0 as it would be unnecessary for Qualcomm to fabricate an entire chipset just to fully exclude the technology.

And we also have a pretty good idea why Google didn’t want it — USB Type-C supports rapid charging just fine on its own. The only issue comes from the folks who are peeved that their existing Quick Charge 2.0 accessories have been rendered useless for the Nexus 6P.

That’s a fair complaint, but we knew all of this from the beginning, and you should always assume that your next device will come with its own quirks and that previous accessories may or may not be fully compatible. Don’t like that fact? You’re always just as free to go with a different device.

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