You can now order your gigantic Starbucks coffee on your Android phone before you get there


The Starbucks app got a good update for coffee junkies today. No longer will you have to get to the store and wait in a long line of java guzzlers, then go through the hassle of describing, paying for and waiting for your order.

The app update brings mobile ordering! Order the exact coffee you like with specific instructions on how you like it, and you can pay for it right then and there. Your  preferred Starbucks store will begin making the coffee, and it’ll be ready for pickup by the time you arrive. That’s the ultimate convenience, folks.

Note that this feature is only available at participating company-owned stores and not at any franchised locations. You can call ahead to see if your Starbucks is on the list, or simply check out your local options in the app as they’ll only show the locations where it’s supported. Give it a try and see if it can’t shave a significant chunk of time from your morning ritual.

Download Starbucks app from Google Play

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